Curio Display Cabinet Features – The Frame is a Critical Component For Collectors

The frame is perhaps the most important element of a quality curio display cabinet. There are 2 basic choices for the frame of curio display cabinets: wood or metal. Here’s some additional information about how to select the right frame material for your UK curio cabinet.Wood frames have an elegant look and fit well with traditional-style furnishings. If your cabinet will be located in a location with other natural wood features like paneling or flooring, a display cabinet with a wood frame will blend easily into the room’s d├ęcor. Look for a well-constructed frame on the cabinet that’s made using traditional carpentry techniques like dovetailed or rabited joints. Here’s a tip: A simple way to add interest to home display cabinet is to bevel or round the corners of any exposed portion of the wood frame. Also, be sure to choose a cabinet that’s constructed from hardwoods like oak or cherry rather than from softwoods like pine. Be sure the finish on your wood curio cabinet is durable. Multiple coats of varnish are preferred over polyurethane because varnish gives the furniture display cabinet a warm, natural glow.Metal cabinet frames are generally made from aluminum and have a sleek, modern look. A room display cabinet with a metal frame is a bit more durable than wood, so it’s good to use them in high-traffic areas where they might be subject to an occasional bump. Metal cabinet frames are assembled with sturdy plastic corner brackets that fit snugly into each corner. A drop or two of special glue finishes the job, especially in the case of metal frames that are overlaid on a wood or particleboard core. Metal cabinet frames are lighter in weight — a factor to consider if you anticipate having to move the cabinet once it’s full of your curios. The finish on a metal and glass display cabinet frame can be glossy or matte. For a contemporary look, a metallic finish in gold, silver or bronze tone is a great choice.For collectors in the UK, the correct choice of materials for a curio display cabinet will help to display that treasured collection in the most attractive sort of way.